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Nowadays, technology has become strongly intertwined with the very fabric of our society. The pace of such interdependence grows almost daily with companies constantly offering new and more innovative products and solutions to compete in the global economy. Identifying this trend, DCOM TECH has positioned itself to ride the wave of technological progress and establish itself firmly at the forefront of innovation and change.


As a professional broadband terminal equipment provider in China, we have many types of networking products to meet market demand, meanwhile, our rich resources in raw material make us can provide competitive price to our customers. In addition, our excellent after-sales service let our customers feel comfortable with using the products, also be able to enjoy our perfect service.


With the continuous progress of science and technology, people¨s requirements on networking become higher and higher, they need portable, faster and more stable products to communicate with each other. Our DCOM TECH are always doing good job on mature product in networking industry, at the same timewe are also make efforts to develop more new products. Our goal is to produce the most environmentally, the best, green technology networking products, so that everyone can enjoy the charm of science technology and convenience of communication brings by network technology everywhere.

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