TP-LINK Brings a New Look to Packages


TP-LINK this month is unveiling its newly designed packaging for a range of products. The new packaging features stylish new designs as well as more concise descriptions and product features that should prove to be much more attractive to end-users.
The principle reasons for changing the packaging were to convey brand image, improve the ease at which a customer may select the product they desire, and to bring a sense of high quality to the brand and products on the shelf. With these things in mind, it was also essential to maintain a consistent brand image that could be adapted to accommodate change and growth of product lines and categories.
The product colors were chosen to relate to specific product lines. All Wireless products are in a green package, with Wired products in a blue package, and all networking accessories such as IP cameras and print servers are in an orange package. This color coding system will help users identify different product models more easily thereby simplifying the shopping experience.
      These new packages are sure to increase the appeal for TP-LINK products for end-users looking for more esthetic quality. The new packaging combined with TP-LINKĄ¯s already attractive cost to quality advantages should bring further rise to the brandĄ¯s popularity on the world stage.